Monday, August 20, 2012

[FAN ACC] 120818 MBLAQ BLAQ % Tour in Taiwan

When I came to the National Taiwan University for the concert, I saw a lot of people selling fan goods

Unlike Korean ones, there were lot of chibi-styled goodies

Another thing that I was surprised was seeing some boy fans who came to the concert (hidden boy fans)

It was entertaining to watch boys talk to fans, especially when some members bullied each other by saying 'Oh he is in puberty'

They also said that from all BLAQ % Tour, Taiwanese fans were loudest

G.O commented that he saw a lot of fans that he saw before (does he have a good memory?)

Thunder danced in Don't Go with a hat on...Doong looks perfect with the hat

Lee Joon picked a girl with pikachu custom, saying "if you want to get picked, you need to wear unique custom' (Joon, want me to wear

hanbok when you do solo stage someday? lollll)

For One Better Day and Good Luv, they performed in remixed version with casual clothes (personally, I prefer original versions)

I was impressed with Taiwanese fans' chant during Cry, which is "YANG SEUNG HO JUNG BYUNG HEE LEE CHANG SUN PARK SANG HYUN

BANG CHEOL YONG MBLAQ CRY" (with Keu-rai, the Konglish pronunciation)

Like other tours, MBLAQ took selcas from fans' cameras and also took slogans

MBLAQ performed these songs in order

1. Run

2. Y

3. Again

4. Rust

5. I Shouldn't Have Said

6. G.O's solo song (pop song)

7. Don't Go

8. Can't Come Back

9. Cry

10. Wild

12. Mir's solo stage

13. One Better Day

14. Good Luv

15. Joon's solo stage

16. Seungho's solo stage

17. Scribble

18. If You Come into My Heart

19. You

20. Stay

21. This is War

22. Mona Lisa

23. Oh Yeah

24. Beautiful

[encore songs]

25. 100%

26. You're my +

27. Oh Yeah (C-Luv remix)

When the concert was over, some fans stalked MBLAQ to Korean restaurant and boys came out in this order (Seungho->G.O->Thunder and

Seungho was waving to fans...others were just busy going inside..(Poor Joon had lots of fans tagging right behind him)

In Incheon Airport yesterday (one day after concert), I managed to only get a glimspe of Mir, who was signing for fans who followed him

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